A Canadian market leader shows its metal

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An unwavering focus on their customers' needs has made Fidelity PAC Metals a market leader in stainless steel "Master Distribution" from coast-to-coast

"Always a Supplier, Never a Competitor" – that's the motto and commitment of Fidelity PAC Metals, Canada's only Master Distributor of both Stainless Long Products and Stainless PVF Products, which it has been selling exclusively to wholesale distributers across Canada since 1991.

With their focused business model and entrepreneurial mindset, the company has grown significantly and now operates in Toronto ON, Vancouver BC, and Montreal QC.

Customers have access to an enormous product range of pipes, valves, fittings, flanges, long products (such as round, angle flat and shapes), and tubes (both ornamental and seamless). In addition, customers have access to critical up-to-date information through Fidelity PAC's Info Centre. The Info Centre is a free desktop application bringing information to their customers' fingertips, promptly and without delay: detailed products specifications, the LME closing price for nickel and aluminum, the Canadian-U.S. exchange rate, current and historical surcharges, and more.

Commitment to supporting their customers' success will take another step with the upcoming launch of an innovative e-commerce platform. This will make it quick and easy for customers across the country - from Victoria to Atlantic Canada - to access the product catalogue, pricing, and other services 24/7. Due to its strong leadership, ever-expanding range of products, global supplier network, and deep knowledge of the industry it serves, Fidelity PAC Metals has a solid foundation for its success. President and CEO Tom Pope emphasizes that building long-term relationships with their customers is key - it's trust and open communication that has enabled the company to grow and flourish, even through some rough periods.

The 2008 financial crisis was one such storm, with the steel industry one of the worst affected sectors worldwide. As prices dropped dramatically, the company found itself in a very challenging position, and getting the cold shoulder from their then-bankers. An introduction from their equity partners to Wells Fargo's Asset Based Lending team led to a working capital loan, and within a few months the company was back on track.

"Working with Wells Fargo was a completely different experience," says Tom Pope. "Wells Fargo brought the same values to our business as we believe in – long-term relationship, trust, and working together to achieve our common goals. They understand that the growth curve is not always a straight line, and they have vast resources of knowledge and experience to draw on."

Over the years, Tom and his team have turned to Wells Fargo for guidance and financial resources, including an acquisition in 2010 and a management buyout in 2018. As Fidelity PAC Metals continues to expand, Wells Fargo remains a provider committed to the company's success.

Tom sums up the relationship: "Combined with their entrepreneurial and managed risk approach, Wells Fargo has helped us to make the right decisions for our business. They really are an entrepreneur's best friend."

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